Vultures Over the City

Vultures Over the City (1980)

Merli, teamed with Mexican star Hugo Stiglitz as his photographer buddy, plays a journalist investigating the shady activities of the local Mafia. Eventually the shit hits the fan, and Merli is cornered and beaten for sticking his nose to close to the action. After his girlfriend is raped, Merli dishes out some vigilante justice and punches, shoots, and bitch slaps his way through the Mafia ranks.

Director: Gianni Siragusa

Vultures Over the City Viooz
Release Date: 1980-01-01
Run time: 90 min / 1:30


Maurizio Merli
as Mark Spencieri
Hugo Stiglitz
as Theo
Lilli Carati
as Isela
Eduardo Fajardo
as Bonardis


Directing Gianni Siragusa Director

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