The Illuminati II: The Antichrist Conspiracy

The Illuminati II: The Antichrist Conspiracy (2006)


This documentary covers a very big spectrum of different topics. Subjects Covered Include: Bill Clinton Under Hypnosis – How the 1992 Presidential Was Fixed – The Free Tibet Campaign – Aleister Crowley & The Evil Eye – Jewish Vampyrism – Footage from CIA?s MK-ULTRA Mind Control Programme – The Kabbalah – knights Templar & The Holy Grail – The O.T.O – Satanic Imagery on the British Royal Family?s Coat of Arms – Bohemian Grove & The Manhattan Project – ritual Torture in Iraq – The AntiChrist of the Koran – The Jewish AntiChrist – Sigil Magick – Occult Symbols – Corporate Logos – The Golden Demon Child of satan and more..

Director: Chris Everard

The Illuminati II: The Antichrist Conspiracy Viooz
Score: 3.8/10 from 2 votes
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 118 min / 1:58
Production Company : Enigma Motion Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Alex Jones
as Himself
David Icke
as Himself
Anthony J. Hilder
as Himself
Chris Everard
as Himself


Directing Chris Everard Director
Writing Chris Everard Writer

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